About Us

A vision without a task is but a dream;
a task without a vision is drudgery;
a vision and a task is the hope of the world.
- From a church in Sussex, England, ca. 1730 -

The beginnings of our stud farm date back to the summer of 2002, when we brought our first mares, at that time partbreds, there. Our dream about the golden horse thus came true and events took a quick turn since then – in January 2004, another batch of horses arrived; this time purebred Akhal Tekes from the Russian stud farm Akhalt-Service. The consignment included Mingam and Samurai, soon to become breeding stallions, and also Davenda, the cornerstone of our breeding stock. In 2005, mares Grust and Fornaks were added to the herd. In 2006, racing crack Gumon was bought in Dagestan, while Germes and Ainabat became new denizens of Tukleky one year later.

      Breeding horses is pure art, and must be approached as the painter does a masterpiece – one small stroke at a time.
      - Jim Squires -

Our catchphrase is “Type, Performance and Art” – i.e. breeding horses matching the breed standard as much as possible, well-performing and not just faithful partners, but works of art. We view horse breeding as an art of sorts; every work of art must be created and maintained with love if it is to bring joy and inspiration. This is why you will not find many horses at our farm. We try to give our horses as much as possible, not just in terms of care, but also in terms of our time, attention and love. We love our horses and they know it.

There is also a riding club named Philoshippos (the word comes from Greek and means “horse lover”) operating under the aegis of our stud farm. Its mission is to provide riding and breeding education to its members.

Those who are fans of or interested in the breed are cordially invited to our farm. Please call +420 608 607 366 to announce your visit in advance.

On our journey with Akhal Teke horses, we have come to know many friends who are a permanent source of inspiration for us. And also friends without whom the journey would not even have begun and the dream would have remained a dream.
This is why we would like to make use of this occasion to thank all those who have made a significant contribution to our dream coming true, namely Mgr. Jiří Mareš, MUDr. Jana Kraupnerová and Ing. Stanislav Kraupner, Marek Jiříček, Doc. MUDr. Iva Příhodová, Ph.D., Ing. Petr Tichý, Stanislav and Jaroslava Marešovi, Mgr. Gabriela Kvasnicová, Ing. Miroslav Jurka, Daniel Zeman and Petra Lukešová.

Somebody up there likes us ....