Golden buckskin, * 4.6.2006 by Ingrid Weiler, Germany
Line Kaplan, family Temmi
Measurements: 160-165-180-19,0
Evaluation: type 8,0 - measurements 9,0 - conformation 8,5, Elite of 1. category (10/2014)

1603 MAYA 778 MURGAB
1289 MARAL
2194 GERDA 34 870 GAREM 11 699 GUNDOGAR
1594 MANTIYA 7
1737 GEZE 910 OPAL
1158 GUL
1264 KOSA 7 755 KUYUK
2151 ASSOL 919 SERE 579 SYNOK
1195 ENYSH

Ainabat Ainabat was born in June 2006 at Ingrid Weilerīs Germany, as a yearling she found home at us. Despite the fact Ainabat belongs to Kaplan family, there is much more influence of Garem 11 in her phenotype. Ainabat is inbred III x IV to Garemīs sire Gundogar.
Ainabat is a typical mare of long lines, with fluid, spacey movement and very good gallop. These qualities, together with soft, sociable character, she transfers to her offspring

1st place in the category of 7 years old and older mares in European Grading Tour 2015 (Results here )

Aglaia ATT - Champion of the exhibition El Prado, Uruguay 2015
Shabrang ATT - 3rd place in the category of 2 y.o. colts (European Grading Tour 2015) and 3rd place at the championship Corona Bohemiae Cup 2016
Alcippe ATT - Junior Champion at the championship Corona Bohemiae Cup 2016 and 2nd place in the category of 2 years old fillies at AT European Championship in Babolna 2017. First place in a Junior loose jumping competition in Babolna 2017.

2011 - Aglaia ATT, chestnut filly (by Gumon, Kaplan line)
2012 - Alaleh ATT, buckskin filly (by Germes, Ak Sakal line)
2013 - Shabrang ATT, bay colt (by Samurai, Fakirpelvan line)
2014 - barren
2015 - Alcippe ATT, bay filly (by Samurai, Fakirpelvan line)
2016 - dead born, golden buckskin colt (by Ghadir, Kaplan line)

Ainabat Ainabatīs sire, 1179 Gunesh, golden buckskin, was born in 1988 at the studfarm Dagestanskii. Gunesh is being used in breeding in Germany since 1995, his offspring was evaluated by 7,5 points.

Sire of Gunesh is charismatic black stallion 995 Kerzi, Champion of the breed 1981. Kerzi was born in Turkmenistan (kolkhoz of J.M.Sverdlov), as 2-4 years old he raced in Askhabad (20 starts=2x1., 6x2., 6x3.). 17 daughters are producing in breeding - among them we can find Champion of the breed 2960 Ferpjagkan, Oaks winner 2963 Fialka 5, dam of European and World Champion Tokhtamysh mare 2953 Tyazegul or her full sister and producer of excellent racehorses 2952 Tuichi and also 2543 Akgozel, dam of breeding stallions Asket and Aksum. Many Kerziīs sons have been used in breeding, letīs name e.g. 1220 Kulakh 15 from Lugovskoi Studfarm, sire of stallion Akvamarin or Turkmen bred stallion Karar who was used for several years at Stavropol Studfarm as a breeding stallion and is sire of multiple Champion among mares Pendzhire.

Dam of Gunesh is 2194 Gerda 34, palomino, born 1983 at the studfarm Dagestanskii. From damīs side she is a half-sister to the Russian Junior Champion and one year later Reserve Champion stallion 1151 Galabeg. Gerda herself participated (quite old) at the World championship in 1999 and placed 5th.

Ainabatīs dam is 2573 Amga, born 1992 at the Stavropol studfarm. Amga is without performance, anyway she had very good, spacey movement. Amga is a half-sister to several mares, who succeeded at the championships, same as at the racetrack and breeding (see below).

Ainabat Sire of Amga is golden bay stallion 1037 Gaidamak 12, born 1963 at Lugovskoi Studfarm, Kazakhstan. Gaidamak performed till his more than 20-ies at the circus, he started to be used in breeding at the age of 22 at Stavropol. In 5 years of his breeding career he succeeded to produce many excellent horses, particularly mares - 2796 Keikgul became Junior Champion, at the racetrack excelled 2898 Pinega (later dam of Champion Pendzhire). In breeding succeeded other Gaidamakīs daughters - 2985 Yagshigush (dam of World champion Yangyn) or 2918 Regina, dam of stallion Real.

Amgaīs dam is 2151 Assol, light bay, born 1985 at Stavropol studfarm. Assol was quite succesful at the racetrack, she finished 3rd in Oaks and 4th placed in a Bolshoi Priz for two years old fillies. At the racetrack performed well also her daughter Angola (by 1150 Gaigysyz), 6th highest ranked horse of the season 1999, winner of Firyuza Prize and 2nd place in Prize of Gul. At the championship placed well another Assolīs daughter Akbota, in breeding letīs name Assolīs daughter Anapa 20 (by 1270 Posalak), dam of Akmanglai (winner of category of 3 years old colts at the championship Star of Turkestan 2010).

Ainabat belongs to the family 398 Temmi (4 Ag Ishan-391 Taifa 53). This family is quite widespread around the globe, her "members" could be found in Russia, Kazakhstan, Europe and USA. Family spread out mostly through mare 1112 Alsona (dam of 943 Arslan, 852 Azat and 1408 Agava, 1416 Aishat, 1710 Aisona, 1412 Aina, 1094 Aiden).

More photos of Ainabat you can find here.