1.7. 2017
was born filly Durga Styr-eha (Darbek-Djeren-Djan), breeder/owner Markus Hubmann.

23.-25.6. 2017
we participated at European Akhal Teke championship in Babolna. Shergir won the class of 3-4 years old stallions, became the Champion of stallions and finally won the title of Absolute Champion of Europe. We also trained Alcippe ATT of Lucie Lipova for the championship, who placed 2nd in the category of 2 years old fillies and won Junior loose jumping.
Complete results you can find here .

congratulations to Hana Louise Shahnavaz, new owner of Gumon´s daughter Jaleh ATT!

8.4. 2017
was born colt Dastan ATT (Darbek-Pomona).

25.3. 2017
was born filly Janan ATT (Ghadir-Jana-Jan).