We offer the following services to owners of Akhal Teke horses:

1. Pasture stabling and raising of young horses
Not every owner of an Akhal Teke junior can make use of large pastures allowing the young horse to run around as much as he or she likes, which is a necessary prerequisite for the development of a healthy and sturdy muscoskeletal apparatus and a proper function of the cardiovascular system of the horse. Quality rearing is the key to the future use of your Akhal Teke as a riding horse.

2. Stabling of broodmares
In addition to stabling services, owners of Akhal Teke broodmares can make use of a wide offer of our breeding stallions. The owners are offered a comprehensive portfolio of breeding services (preparations for the breeding season, covering, ultrasound examination, birth monitoring and assistance, post-birth care, foal rearing).

3. Basic education of youngsters under the saddle
Every horse is an individuality, and this applies twice as much to Akhal Tekes. Whenever working with a young horse, we respect his or her character traits and physique and try to make the training as pleasant as possible and “customized”.


4. Horses for sale
Please see the current offer. We guarantee well raised horses possessing balanced character traits.

5. Covering
Four breeding stallions in our stables are available for purebred Akhal Teke mares. Can´t you decide which of them to choose? We will be happy to assist – using a pedigree analysis and a type and conformation assessment of the mare as inputs, we will try to choose the “right one” for you.
Discounts and bonuses for faithful customers.